Nosy? Come on in!

Hello!  We shake you warmly by the hand!  We are the Sorensen Family, Duztin (aka Dad, Daddy), Sarah (aka Mama, Mom) Eva, Noah, Eliza, Jonah, Naomi, Joshua, Micah and Gideon. We have a lot of fun with all the “wierd” stuff we do:

Homeschool, Homebirth, Cloth Diaper, No Wheat/Sugar(mostly, it is hard!)/only cultured Dairy, Mormon, Large Family, Small House (Micro might be more accurate), etc.  If you can think of anything else we do that qualifies as wierd let us know and we will add it to the list.

We love to garden using the square foot gardening method, our animal husbandry includes 6 chickens, 2 Calico Cats, 1 blakc bunny, and 2 hamsters.

We recently remodeled our tiny house (fall 2009) and are intentionally living in it!  800 Sq/Ft and a family of 10.  We love our small town (it also probably qualifies as micro with a pop. of about 150) underneath the beautiful cliffs of Bryce Canyon.  If you are ever in the area we would love to go hiking with you, send us a jingle.

We love receiving email!

Have a wonderful day! The Sorensens


6 responses to “Nosy? Come on in!

  1. Eva

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Your so funny!

  2. Jacob Woodland

    Love it, Love it, Love it !!!!!!!!

  3. Elaine

    You are a wonderful family!!!

  4. Kerry

    hi I stumbled on your blog via a comment you left at picklee about their plywood floors. I am considering doing them in my house and I noticed you have had them in yours for about 5 yrs now? Do you still have them? Do you still like them? Thanks so much! (beautiful family btw! we have a Noah too 🙂

  5. B

    I too am wondering about the floors thanks for sharing.

  6. I came over because of the floors too, lol. Then started reading about your family. We are southern homeschooling Jehovah’s Witnesses, I think we would be a good TV reality show. Maybe even better if we moved next door to a huge homeschooling Mormon family living in a tiny house. 😉 Although if I moved westward South Dakota captured my heart about 15 years ago and I haven’t gotten over that.
    Beautiful family you have! I’m gonna click around for a bit.

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