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February News

Grateful they are ok

Yes, Noah and Jonah rolled the go-kart.

Rules broken:

Noah let Jonah drive without being under direct adult supervision. (Jonah can’t reach the brake pedal very well).

Driving over hills too steep to effectively control the go-kart. (Roll cage has not been installed yet).

Rules obeyed:

Both boys were wearing their DOT approved full face helmets.

Both boys were wearing their seat belts.

Duztin assessing how best to bring the go-kart up from its landing spot 18 feet below the road.   He ended up towing it out with our van.  The go-kart needs some repair and a roll cage before anyone will be allowed to drive it.

Noah has a broken and fractured scapula and suspected fractures in 4 vertebrae, he is expected to make a full recovery and no longer needs pain meds.  He has learned a valuable lesson that will hopefully last a lifetime!

In other news:

Gideon is crawling!  We found him having a party under our bed!


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