Clean Shaven

After I posted about our grain mill I realized that Duztin (aka Grizzly Adams) was still wearing his winter coat.He shaved about 2 weeks ago.  We miss the Lumberjack look.  Micah was napping and wasn’t very happy with the stranger with Daddy’s voice.

Duztin aka "Grizzly Adams" aka "Lumberjack" aka Woolly Daddoth

Who are you, and What did you do with my Daddy?!?!?


It took Micah several days to be comfortable, he would randomly reach out and pat Duztin’s cheeks but wouldn’t let Duztin hold him.  All is right in Micah’s world now though.

Best Wishes!




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2 responses to “Clean Shaven

  1. That is so CUTE!! I was thinking Duztin was a little hairy in your last post, but it was a cool hairy. haha. Poor Micah, though. That picture is priceless!!

  2. Eva

    LOL!! I barely would recognize Dad if he still had a beard! See, I GOT USED TO IT! HURRAY!

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