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Clean Shaven

After I posted about our grain mill I realized that Duztin (aka Grizzly Adams) was still wearing his winter coat.He shaved about 2 weeks ago.  We miss the Lumberjack look.  Micah was napping and wasn’t very happy with the stranger with Daddy’s voice.

Duztin aka "Grizzly Adams" aka "Lumberjack" aka Woolly Daddoth

Who are you, and What did you do with my Daddy?!?!?


It took Micah several days to be comfortable, he would randomly reach out and pat Duztin’s cheeks but wouldn’t let Duztin hold him.  All is right in Micah’s world now though.

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My Clever Duztin

We purchased a family grain mill from the Bosch store in SLC last summer, we love it!  It is a hand grain mill that mills most grains very fine without extreme effort (our 5yo can do it).   There is an adapter to add a motor or use it with a bosch or kitchenaid.  Not having either of those bases or the extra $ to buy them my clever Duztin made his own adapter from an extra large allen wrench (I had no idea they came in that size) and connected it to his hammer drill.  Result? perfect flours fast, about 20 cups in 15 minutes!  Using what we had on hand and $2 for the allen wrench. 

Yes, we use wierd grain, Kamut and Spelt, as our staple grains.  They are wonderful, there has been a learning curve as they have different properties than wheat.  We have made the switch mainly due to a severe allergy to wheat that has been coming on the last 2 years.  Last summer it progressed to the point where I could no longer breathe if I ate anything with wheat in it.  Easy choice, I prefer to breathe.  I am not hosting a restaurant in my home so my family has followed me in this diet change, we have discovered that 2 of our girls were probably sensitive to wheat as well based on improvements in their health after making the switch.    We purchase our grains at Honeyville Grains location in SLC near the airport, they can also be purchased at Maple Leaf Industries in Ephraim, UT.

We have been changing our diet from “The Great American- Over Processed Diet” to a traditional approach using the book “Nourishing Traditions” by Sally Fallon.  Eating this way is more effort but, we are more conscious of what we put into our bodies.  We are still in baby step phase, it is an interesting journey but full of benefits.

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I am excited to share a new resource for LDS homeschooling.  I have been up reading past my bedtime.  Whatever your philosophy of education for your children it is an inspiration to read.

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