“Make it Do” House after photos

Use it up, Wear it out, Make it Do or Do without!

Here are the “after” photos.  Enjoy!

There are still a few things to completely finish up, beadboard in the bathroom, trim out the back door, finish the storage/laundry room (you may have noticed a lack of photos of that room, it is very disorganized).

Have a great day!!



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4 responses to ““Make it Do” House after photos

  1. Eva

    Whew! That was a lot of work…. but it was FUN!! Thanks for wanting the best for us!!

  2. I found this post through the comments section of a blog post I had pinned on Pinterest. Did you leave any space for your wood to expand and if not, have they needed it? I am just trying to find everything I can about doing this as cheeply as possible.
    Also, I saw your hymn book on your piano and some of the pics just seemed like homeschool pics. I’m unschooling/homeschooling my two youngest kids. I’ll have to come back and look through stuff!

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