This diaper bag is made from “Polly goes to Paris” fabric squares.  It has a matching wipe/diaper clutch inside, I didn’t get a good pic of the clutch.  It went to a sweet couple who have been blessed to adopt a new baby girl.

Polly goes to Paris Diaper Bag

Polly goes to Paris Diaper Bag

These are some cute “girls” made from The Black Apple doll pattern available on Martha Stewart  I made a few modifications to the pattern, I enlarged it 200% for a little bigger doll (made the arms much easier to sew and stuff), I added ponytails and embroidered the faces instead of painting them on. 

The Girls

The Girls

The two on the right “Pink-Belle” and “Blue-Belle” are Naomi’s, the blue doll on the left is “Mandy” she belongs to Eliza and the green doll is “Abigail”, she belongs to Eva.


Bibs for Mr. Drooley aka Micah

Bibs for Mr. Drooley aka Micah

This is a great bib pattern from Chickpea Studio, free pattern to download-

I used my snap press instead of button/buttonholes for more adjustability, each bib has 2 layers of cotton knit and a top decorative fabric of cotton woven print, cotton knit print or fine corduroy print.

I will get a pic of our sweet Mr. Drooley modeling one of them when he wakes up.



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3 responses to “Sewing

  1. So, I think I already told you this- but I LOVE the diaper bag I got and I really want a sock monkey now. haha. And now I’m pretty sure I need some of those bibs!! If you have the time, I would seriously pay you for them. I love them and I’m not crafty at all. I have no idea how to sew.

  2. Eva

    I LOVE EVERYTHING YOU MAKE!! Mom, I promise I’ll take care of the baby more often, so you can make more TO DARN CUTE stuff!

  3. So cute Sarah – love to dolls! Wish I knew you had this blog sooner…. cuz then I would bought one to givbe to Brindee for Christmas. Thanks for your comment on my blog. It was fun to read up on how you guys have been doing on here. We really should keep in touch better than we do. Miss and love you!

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