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Sock Monkey

I have always wanted to make a sock monkey.  They are so cute.  Eliza received a sock monkey kit from Cousin Miriam. It went together surprisingly easy and quick.  Eliza named him “George”.  He is stuffed with bamboo fill.  Bamboo is so much nicer than fiberfill. 

George Sock Monkey

George was “born” the 10th of June, on the 11th he accompanied Eliza on her trip to SLC with Grandpa, Daddy and Eva.


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Grandpa Wetzel

6 June 2009

We are so grateful that Grandpa Wetzel is recovering well.  Moral of this fish story: Big fish, someone’s abandoned line on the shore and a strategically placed boulder = fractured/chipped skull, 19 stitches, concussion, bruising and bleeding in the brain, expensive stay at Garfield Memorial Hospital and VA hospital in SLC, not to mention the fish got away.   No pictures, my camera was the last thing on my mind when we took Grandpa to the hospital etc.  Grandpa now has a dashing scar and a great “fish that got away” story.

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Catching Up!

The last couple of weeks have been busier than summer is supposed to be! 

We were woken early the morning of the 5th to Naomi shrieking (if you know her, you know what that can mean).  Anticipating something dreadful we ran into the living room to find her looking excitedly out the window at this:


Hot air balloon Henrieville

This hot air balloon was above our neighbors house.  You can see the eaves of our house on the upper right.  The balloon was so low that the occupants could hear our “Good Morning” and talk to us.  They had a difficult time finding a spot to land, all the lovely alfalfa fields around Henrieville that look like a perfect spot for landing were also ready to cut (the Hot Air Balloon would have ruined several dozen bales of hay worth of alfalfa).  There were several farmers out chasing them away from their fields.

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Little League

Hey, Batter!

Hey, Batter!



We were pretty naive about Little League when we signed Noah up. Due to the incredibly competitive nature of organized sports we will not be signing up in future. We prefer our informal baseball games with family and friends that are for FUN!

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Every spring for the last 11 years we have set up the tipi’s at Ruby’s Inn Campground.

Setting the poles

Setting the Tipi Frame

Staking the canvas

Staking the canvas on the tipi by “Lake Minnie”

Lake Minnie

“Lake Minnie”- one of the 9 Tipi’s we set up is by this little lake. Very pretty setting, I didn’t think to take a finished pic.

Finished Tipi's

Two finished Tipi’s, such a beautiful setting, Bryce Canyon is a couple miles away, great place for a summer vacation.

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Bryce Valley Track Meet

Noah entered the Bryce Valley Invitational track meet for grades 5-8. He ran the 100m, 400m, as well as long jump and high jump. There were 4 schools in attendance (as well as we homeschoolers crashing the meet). Noah took 4th in the 400m and 7th in the 100m. Next year he plans to actually train before the track meet.

Starting Line Starting Line-

Race to the finish
Race to the finish-

What the babies did.

Sleeping buddies-

Micah on the Right and his buddy Jonathan on the left. They weren’t very interested in the track meet.

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