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Happy Birthday Eliza!  I can’t believe you are 9 years old!

Naomi, (her hand in the right of the picture) was dancing for us at Eliza’s birthday party.


The day before her birthday party Eliza hinted that she would like some birthday clothes, so that evening while they were at Karate I put together this dress and matching hair accessories.


Eliza looking cute in her new glasses!Eliza in her new glasses


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Little pig, little pig!

Grandpa and Grandma’s farm has 8 new residents. Noah and Eliza helped them settle in.

8 little pigs in the back of Grandpa's truck

Noah and Eliza getting ready to catch the pigs to put them in their pen.





All settled in, Grandpa’s unnamed miniature horse isn’t quite sure about his new neighbors.

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Hazards of Baseball

Noah joined little league this year in Bryce Valley. Playing catch with Dad is hazardous however, he caught a fast ball with his eye instead of a glove. It looked worse the day after I took these pictures.
Noah black eyeNoah black eye 2
This is why baseball practice was cancelled today! SNOW!!!!!

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Tang Soo Do Karate

Our family enjoys attending Tang Soo Do 3 evenings a week.  Duztin, Eva, Noah, Eliza and Jonah started taking classes in October 2008.board-breaking-instructions1

Duztin just finished breaking his board.Duztin breaking board

Eva getting ready to kick her board, she is very focused!eva-breaking-board1

Noah just coming down from breaking his board.noah breaking board

Eliza coming up to break her board, she is the only one who chose to do a round house kick, she followed through at the risk of 10 pushups per finger if she missed the board and hit the fingers of those holding the board.  She broke it on the first try and didn’t have to do any push ups!eliza-breaking-board1

Jonah just as he is breaking his board.jonah-breaking-a-board1


Karate has been a great addition to our family, it is so fun to see them progress, Duztin and Eva just earned their Green Belts, Noah and Eliza earned their Orange with Stripe, and Jonah has his Green Belt in Tiny Tigers and will be testing for his Brown Belt this Saturday.

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